Comprehensive Sex Education


Comprehensive Sex Education for Miami-Dade County

We live in a society where young people are exposed to sex and are coming of age in a hypersexual society, but this same society does not talk about sex in a way that normalizes and demystifies sex.

It is reported that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys have been sexually abused. Youth experiencing homelessness, transgender, and disabled youth are part of a vulnerable cohort of who are at higher risk of experiencing sexual violence. When using a gender lens to look at this social issue it becomes very grim. It is estimated that over 80% children who are sexually abused are female-identified and they are minors. This means that girlhood is marred by sexual violence, shame, and trauma. Adverse childhood trauma is a pandemic in this country. Youth who are exposed to childhood trauma that is not properly resolved, grow up to be adults more prone to heart disease, poverty, and more likely to fall victim to mass incarceration. Over 30% of women in prison have been sexually abused.

And although Miami-Dade County Public Schools the 4th largest school district in the United States, it still has not adopted a comprehensive sex education policy that would make it compulsory that from K-12 students get the information that they need regarding sex and human sexuality. The Miami Workers Center believes that comprehensive sexual education is a human right. Currently, Youth are only being taught abstinence only, which is a viable method if a young person is asexual or actively abstaining from sex. But that method does not work for the myriad of youth who want to engage in sex and who have already engaged in sexual activity. Florida leads the nation in new HIV infections and Miami-Dade County is number one in new HIV/AIDS cases. It appears that lack of information does have an immediate adverse impact.

In Coalition with other South Florida organizations, The Miami Workers Center wants to shift the language and the political landscape in Miami-Dade County. That is why we are leading the efforts to get comprehensive sexual education into the school system. We believe that Comprehensive sexual education can: normalize consent, shift rape culture, demystify the stigma that surrounds transgender and gender non-conforming people, prepare young people to be good stewards of their bodies, and decrease child sexual abuse.


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