Rosalie Whiley


Rosalie 'Cookie' Whiley, has worked with the Miami Workers Center for nine years in various capacities, and has been a member of the board for three years. Cookie was born and raised in Overtown, and attended Miami Springs High School. Community activism and cooking are her hobbies and passion.

Cookie has worked on projects consisting of issues ranging from: home vacancies, the Scott Carver campaign, the Transit Village campaign, and tenants’ rights issues. She embraces the Miami Workers Center’s Black & Brown Unity project, and sees it as an opportunity to “allow people to understand that in order to change our community, we have to be as 'one' in the fight to make that change.”

Cookie is a member of the MWC leadership board, and presides over the Campaign Strategy Committee.


Let's Build a Better Miami for Women, Girls and Femmes

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