Power Leadership Institute

The Power Leadership Institute (PLI) is where leaders are built.

As this 'movement moment' in history takes root, millions of people are awakening to the realities of social injustice and their own role in ending that injustice. Those who want to enter the social justice movement are often befuddled by two fundamental questions:

  • What does a new world look like?
  • What do we do to bring that new world into reality?

Making sense of these, and other, questions, is the central role of Political Education. Political Education is the process through which people come to understand their world, develop a holistic vision of the world they want to realize and draw up plans on how to get there together. Political Education is a collective process and, therefore, cannot happen in the library or with one person giving all the information to everyone else.

For those just coming into their own awareness, understanding the connection between what appear to be distinct struggles is often a challenge and requires a deliberate and intentional effort to make those connections. That is why the Miami Workers Center engages members and allies in discussions about intersectionality and interconnectivity, linking oppressions and struggles together.

The Power Leadership Institute is our effort to institutionalize the process of Political Education and Leadership Development in our organization and among our members. 

The PLI features two Political Education sessions:

  • Women's Circle. A regular Political Education session for low-income Black and brown women, girls and femmes. A safe space to talk about our experiences and the system that produces those experiences. The women's Circle is the primary Political Education space for our members.
  • Femme Saturdays. A Political Education space for all women and feminist males, where members and allies can come together to discuss important issues of the day.


In addition to Political Education, the PLI also provides a Leadership Development program for leaders and potential leaders to sharpen their skills in the areas of organizing, public speaking and more. We are building the next generation of Femme Leadership with deliberate mentoring and Leadership Development.



Let's Build a Better Miami for Women, Girls and Femmes

Because when women and femmes win, everyone wins