Femme Health

We are building femme power to change the conversation around health care towards including low-income women, femmes and communities of color. We are organizing to have universal healthcare and the right to make decisions over what’s best for our bodies, our health, and our families.  

Femme Health attempts to insert a femme agenda into the current and future public debate about health care and the right to self determination over our bodies in our state and our country. The secrecy and male-dominant character of this debate has exposed how low-income girls, women and femmes of color are marginalized from the decisions that affect their bodies and their life.  We are demanding healthcare policy that  includes protections and provide quality care for women, girls & femmes.  We are using our stories, our needs, experiences and our voting power to demand changes, develop policies and strategies to make sure our voices are heard.


Let's Build a Better Miami for Women, Girls and Femmes

Because when women and femmes win, everyone wins