Femme Coalition

Femme CoalitionThe Femme Coalition is a diverse group of people united in support of the Femme Agenda and it's campaigns.

Every major social movement has been comprised of it's core base and allies, supporters and other lovers of justice. The Miami Workers Center is part of a big social movement and the Femme Agenda is a big tent concept. Shifting power to the powerless and ending the feminization of poverty will take a group effort, including real participation from our allies. The Femme Coalition is where those allies come into the movement to empower the lives of low-income Black and brown women, girls and femmes.

The Femme Coalition meets on a regular basis to discuss important local events and help plan work to support the Femme Agenda campaigns.

Political Education for members of the Femme Coalition occurs primarily through the Power Leadership Institute's Femme Saturdays, but also during Femme Coalition meetings themselves.

If you are interested in fighting for the rights of women, girls and femmes, contact the Miami Workers Center to join the Femme Coalition today.



Let's Build a Better Miami for Women, Girls and Femmes

Because when women and femmes win, everyone wins