Domestic Workers

Household workers—nannies, home care workers, and house cleaners—do the work that makes all other work possible. In Miami-Dade County alone, roughly 100,000 individuals—the overwhelming majority of whom are women of color and immigrants—care for elderly and ill individuals in their homes; clean; and care for children. These jobs are demanding, but the workers are underpaid, with many living below the poverty level.

The Miami Worker Center’s Domestic Worker Organizing Program creates the collective voice for household workers in Florida. We have developed a broad economic and reproductive justice policy agenda. By organizing together, the low-income women can win the respect, recognition, and rights they deserve.

MWC’s Domestic Worker Organizing Program ensures that the voices of all women, all workers, and all immigrants are heard as we create a progressive civil society and inclusive economy.

Low-income MWC members anchor campaigns on key issues including income inequality, pay equity, child care, home care, wage theft and minimum wages, immigrant rights and immigration reform, human trafficking and other workplace crimes, health care, workplace health and safety, racial and gender discrimination, and others.

Our strategies include organizing and outreach, leadership development, research and reporting, mobilization in support of exploited or abused workers, and policy advocacy.


Domestic Workers Conference

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